Monday 22 February 2016

5:2 and all that

Yes - another 21 days and I'm still managing the 5:2 diet.My jeans seem tighter than ever and my weight goes down after diet-day then back up on ordinary-meals days. Am I doing something wrong?
My diet days consist of:
porridge - with hot water and blueberries* ( which are not exactly the same as bilberries ) 148
small green apple*                                                                    40
1 hot cocoa.                                                                                 22.  (210 subtotal)
soup - 1/2 a pot*                                                                      100
salad*.                                                                                          20
another green apple*.                                                               40
1 or 2 nairns oatcakes with fruit.                         (1)  44
1 or 2 boiled eggs and more salad.                       (1). 70. (484 subtotal)
Lots of water
Blueberries for a snack*.                                                            8
Late night cocoa.                                                                       22 (514)

* my five-a-day

I'm still swimming and walking. Hopefully moving furniture and gardening count as exercise as it's rained so much it's been impossible to do anything but short walks some days.
The 5:2 diet does train your body to eat and want less - but I've yet to see this on the scales!
My headaches seem better this month but I have had a few days off as we had to go to see the family - eating habits changed somewhat!


My office now has its desk in it. That's furniture moving par excellence. So I have to get on and finish my novel. No more disturbances now!

Condor Ferries managed to completely change their timetables - 3 months after we booked. So we are now on less good seats and having to be at the ferry in Poole by 9.15 on day 1 of our Channel Islands trip. To avoid complete exhaustion we have booked a B&B 5-10 mins away from the ferry.

It's been gloomy out, no ice, but such a lot of cloud and rain. Bring the sun herewith!!🌞
Had enough of winter. Thank you so much ...🌞