Tuesday 27 October 2015

Perfectly beastly

We've  had a perfectly beastly eighteen months; mum's stroke, finding provision for her, sorting through her belongings, rearranging her finances, doing her garden ( then repeating all that every month or so) ... Only for us to find, in the last few months, Richard has very early prostate cancer cells lurking and doing some, as yet, slight damage.

On top of that we've had the third lot of scaffolding in the last three years up at our house. Mum's house still needs some repair as there's damage from trees on the field next to her's. And we've had the disruption of electricians, carpenters and other workmen in and around. Yep perfectly beastly.

Richard even had to rush back from Cornwall after only a couple of days with his brother and our neice. All because he had to see a GP pronto. But he is feeling no side effects from his treatment  and as it's his birthday on Friday we'll have a bit-of-a-do. Must show a willing !

And the bank seems to think we are excellent savers - really - we ( we?) are good with money?! Heaven help everyone else if we are financially savvy!

But my thoughts turn elsewhere.The poor mites stranded in Lesbos in pouring rain, rottng feet, falling ill, no shelter, no fresh drinking water, no nappies for the babies, no food and no medical care. Like the refugees from the war in Sierra Leone. They have their lives - but for some - only just.

I have sent a little money today - will it get to the refugees? Will some rudimentary shelters and food and medicines reach them before they die from sleeping in wet blankets? What a terrible crisis.

 And all our government can do is talk about taking in 20,000 over five years and stripping the most vulnerable,here, of disability benefits and tax credits. I wish there was an off button whenever 'he who is in charge of the NHS' comes on our screen. I resent the energy I have to expend reaching for the remote control. Can he and his ilk not empathise? How would he cope - disabled or on £7.20 an hour - without the daily support required to lead a reasonable life? Of course he would rely on family wealth - not benefits. But we are the world's 6th richest country. Surely, as a nation, we can do better than this? Both for our own needy people and those suffering terribly beyond Syrian and African shores.

I'm usually optimistic and forward-looking.
The news around us seems somewhat bleak.
The clocks have changed and the weather is dull.

Perfectly beastly.