Monday 23 June 2014

So - an austerity march in London today. My collection 'Austerity and Other Cuts' is still relevant and, sadly, may still be relevant when I'm nearing the end of my novel 'Coming of Age.'
I've workshopped the first three chapters of 'Coming of Age' and am pleased with the feedback. It puts a spring in one's step when peers like your work.

Dorset was lovely - we've been lucky with our holidays in terms of weather and location. Beautiful cottages - so we booked again for September. These breaks give me thinking time and it's wonderful to people watch - all grist to the mill for a writer.

Off to see mum again this week. Hoping there might be news re: her care plan. She's sitting up longer each day - that's all good news, but we'll have to see how much measurable progress she's made. We can give my brother a break from hospital visiting too and find out if she's been in a wheelchair yet.

All very hopeful for the possible respite care we can have in place in Bath for mum but it's so difficult for a wheelchair on our steps - at least 12 of them. Help!