Thursday 27 August 2015

Dreadful !

I am not known for getting hysterical or even moaning that much. But the last few days feel as if the gods are against us. Not known as an unhealthy family we seem to be defying our heritage and falling ill  with great speed. Mum is in her nursing home, my husband is undergoing tests and treatment for prostate issues, my aunt is also having a biopsy, another aunt has an irregular heartbeat and I had to go for a mammogram. At least my mammogram was clear - unlike three years ago when the slide showed a change. It was an anomally thank goodness.

It has been increasingly difficult this week to contact family about ailments, biopsies, treatment and plans for my mother's house. We have had no landline and no broadband for almost two weeks. Some of our neighbours have been without for five weeks.  Very difficult and frustrating.

For the first time in years I have taught almost every day throughout August and I have had sleepless nights! Not through the teaching but builders' estimates ... aargh!!!
Sooo expensive ... Trying to get our family builder down from the midlands to do the job but everything seems so fraught. That's given me the sleepless nights. So expensive and yet the chimney leaks so we'll never sell this house if it goes unrepaired. We have been got over a barrell.
This is only the sixth time we've had it repaired ... Am I tired ? You bet!

On top of that it's very expensive contacting everyone by iphone. Broadband is pathetically slow here - even with 3G - I can barely plan lessons - can't download tasks - can't receive literary work for critiquing - and so it goes.

A plumber did come today ( oh aren't we blessed ?) but he couldn't fix the ensuite lavatory even though I'd sent him photographs showing the innards of the system. So how long until that's working?
It's been out of proper use for weeks.

On top of that, having tried to clear mum's shed last week,  I'm still in pain - after more than ten days - because it's buggered my back.

About the only good thing this week is that the bank said I was a really good credit risk - I score 2 on a scale of 1-10. When, or if, we decide to have the roof done ( we've only waited since February) we might manage to get a loan or similar to pay for  this expensive job!

Today Nelson is five. Happy birthday Nelson. His first task today was to deposit the stomach from some poor creature he'd caught and eaten inside the house. Nice to see that on the carpet by the breakfast table.

On Sunday I have to pack the car to do a car boot sale on Monday. Please God! Let my back cope with it all - and please don't let it rain! I may run out of painkillers. We need a good week next week!
And I'd like to bet this blog won't post ...