Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Emoji my friend?

I wonder, can we find an emoji for every human mood? When we scan the range of smiley faces to insert into our posts, is all life there? I must be getting the seven-year-itch – it is 7 years since I left full-time teaching – I need a change of place or face or just more sunshine! Can we sum up folk we meet by their ‘smiley face’?

🌞 Some people radiate warmth. It’s good to be in their company. It’s a bit like being at home again but you’re all grown up now and out having a drink instead.
😀 Others are happy, they smile when they see you. They laugh at life’s absurdities.
😁  A few are comedians, cracking jokes, and an entertainment. We laugh & love seeing them.
🤔 One or two are thoughtful, pensive and like a good conversation; stimulating and good to know.
🤕 One chap I know jumps off buildings, another cripples himself marathon running or seems accident prone… yet they both persist. They'll carry on till their ankles give way.
🤒 Some always seem to be ill and their lives consist of hospital, GP surgery, therapy, treatments, special diets and conversation is always the same and glum. And about them.
😩Another  wears everyone down with their misery and angst. Are they suffering anxiety disorder or  clinically depressed? It’s a cold experience and their point of view so out of line with others.
😡Then there are the complete miseries. They can’t know how bossy and negative they are, or surely they’d do something about it, wouldn’t they? But perhaps they too suffer from depression.
😵Oh and the confused. They barely know the time and appear to be in a state of complete chaos. Must be difficult but if they are blithe about it all who am I to comment…?
🤐And what about those who are inscrutable? So afraid of letting anything personal out into the open…conversation can be very difficult.
😧The stressed. A lot of these about. So busy coping they forget how to relax or laugh.
I like folk who can say ‘It doesn’t matter…’ and put things into perspective. It’s a skill.And I like people who enjoy pub quizzes - it's fun and you get to have a drink or three.
😴 And then there’s me. Half asleep, overweight and trying to cope with the mixed emotions around me. But I hope I can be 😃and🌞and good company. Perish the thought I’m one of these ☹️or🤧or👺

But do we ever see ourselves as others see us? And what if we never learn to project happiness? 😀

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