Monday, 15 May 2017

Barmy, tired or mental health issues?

I've had a fantastic response to my badger post. Apparently cloths soaked in eucalyptus oil might literally put badgers off the scent. I love them but don't want my seedlings withered and emaciated because they've been uprooted. It'll be interesting to try that remedy before being driven barmy!

What with the badgers and our welcome but demanding social life we've had a busy few weeks: We had a small party before our Open Studios, thereafter we were open house for three days, meeting & greeting and making sales, raising charity funds etc. Between the gardening - a very busy time trimming, watering, mulching, tieing back, lawn cutting - we've had two more big parties and I've been trying to sort out wearable clothing, unwanted crocs, second hand books and other items for a car boot sale. Yesterday I neatened the lawn edges and generally hoovered outside. I washed endless linens and T shirts which may be good for a car boot and fell asleep in the sun for about 5 minutes. Why this activity? The warm, dry weather was merely coming to an end! Gardening and drying rugs and heavy towelling robes are far more difficult when the rains come. I sat down mid-afternoon - after a party the night before - and managed to take a photograph of the manicured garden.  I was just in time. Within moments the heavens opened!
Today Richard and I are surprised we are tired. And we shouldn't be shocked by our weariness. We all have to be sensible about flagging energy levels. Fatigue can play funny tricks on one's mood and mental well-being. The body is saying it needs a rest.

More importantly, regarding mental health, I note Eva Wiseman, in yesterday's Observer was quite rightly saying awareness of mental health issues is at an all-time high. But, she asked, where's the provision to help said issues? While I tap away here, feeling glad I am merely tired from overdoing it, my heart goes out to those who have overpowering mood changes, panics, depressions and anxiety or personality disorders. At least I know that if I rest or go for a walk or watch Casablanca I'll feel restored. It's not that simple for those for whom a cup of tea, paracetamol or a lie down aren't the answer. Eva Wiseman hit the nail on the head. Awareness of issues is not enough. Mental health needs preserving, nurturing and treating - when an inbalance sets in for more than the odd few hours, simply because we've done too much! Well said Eva. As a special needs teacher I know that provision is all.

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