Saturday, 31 May 2014

Who is the child and who is the parent?

Had a beautiful time in Devon. However I wasn't inspired to write about the rural idyll, the babbling brook and the flower festivals, the village fete or the peaceful hilltop cemetery overlooking the Devon landscape.

For my entry for the Bridport Prize I felt able to capture the conflict one has when roles are reversed. Who is the child and who is the mother when the former cares for the latter?

Of course I refer to my elderly mother, post-stroke.
Mum is doing extremely well. She has begun to stand - using a support - and she has feeling back in her left arm. Now that her hair has been done and she's eating and drinking a normal diet she's much brighter, and looks it.Yesterday she was sitting out most of the day - reading a magazine. Today she wanted to know what was happening in the world of politics. I was able to give her part of the newspaper to read about the Lib Dems and their troubles.

She wanted me to be at home with her - to take care of her - along with Richard or my brother. She knows she'll need nursing care but she wants her family to be her nurses. Who is the child and who is the parent? It's not black and white - although I tried to capture the shifting roles on the page. Time will tell.

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